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What is Cocoon’s core business model?

Cocoons core business model is based on providing well designed homes for NDIS Participants. In addition to this, Cocoon is an approved SDA Provider. This allows us to build and provide accommodation, from houses to apartments, in any area of Australia where the NDIS has rolled out.

Why choose Cocoon Group Services as your nominated accommodation provider?

Our tag line says “At Cocoon, we Build, we Nurture, we Care” and we base our whole business model around this. Cocoon builds platinum homes in well located areas to NDIS accredited standards. Our passion lies around matching participants to our shared homes. We carefully co-ordinate with all parties involved to make sure there is a smooth transition into our SDA or SIL (Non SDA) homes. It isn’t about filling the homes immediately - we carefully match participants, especially as this could be the first time a participant is living independently and may not be used to living with other people. Our point of difference at Cocoon is we welcome open communication between the Participants, Guardian/family members, Support Co-ordinators and Service Providers. Our goal is for all Participants to be happy and to reside in our homes on a long term basis.

How do I go about inspecting one of your Cocoon properties?

If you are a Participant, guardian, Support Co-ordinator or Support Services provider, please call 1800 262 666 or our NDIS Housing Co-ordinator Barbara on 0491 114 491 to co-ordinate a day/time suitable. In the meantime you can email or fill out one of our Expression of Interest forms

Can I view your properties at any time?

Yes you most certainly can. We have Cocoon Representatives in every state of Australia who can show you through our various properties in different states, 7 days a week including weekends.

We are a Support Service Provider only and we don’t offer accommodation to Participants, can we collaborate with Cocoon?

Yes, absolutely! We are very open to collaborating with Support Service Providers. Cocoon specialises only in housing/accommodation. We are open to connect with as many Support Service Providers as possible around Australia. We also have more information under the ‘Support Service Provider’ tab to find out more.

I am a Support Co-ordinator representing an NDIS Participant for Non SDA (SIL), do you have accommodation?

Yes we do have SIL (Non SDA) accommodation in all states of Australia. Please scroll through our homes to find out more information. If you are interested to learn more, please email or call Barbara on 0491 114 491 or fill out one of our Expression of Interest Forms.

I am an NDIS Participant and have approval for SDA accommodation, do you provide SDA accommodation and what features does it have?

Yes we do provide SDA accommodation in all states of Australia. Some of the key features of our Platinum SDA accommodation include:

  • Enhanced Functionality & Accessibility
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Innovative universal design & flexibility
  • Security & alarm system
  • Enable community participation
  • Automated window blinds
  • Customisable toilet (moveable from left to right)
  • Automated lights
  • Automatic doors (fob/proximity sensor)
  • Air conditioning
  • Latest assistive technology
  • Intercom in every room
  • State-of-the-art design
  • Power backup
  • Comfort & independence
  • Slip resistant flooring
  • Height-adjustable kitchen bench
  • Fully furnished & equipped
  • Height-adjustable vanity
  • No stairs or ramps

Can Cocoon make modifications to a SIL or SDA home?

Yes we most certainly can make modifications - for example extra grab rails, ramps etc, depending what is required.   

Do you provide support services?

Yes, we DO provide Support Services; at Cocoon we provide both support and accommodation.


What is Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)?

Specialist Disability Accommodation or SDA is housing specifically build for people with Disabilities. There are 5 levels or categories of SDA. - High Physical Support, Robust, Fully Accessible, Improved Liveability and Basic. Each of these are suitable for different support needs in the home. The NDIA are removing basic level housing as of 31st June 2020.

Which housing categories suit which disabilities?

The two most targeted categories are High Physical Support, which is for people who have severe disabilities and require 24/7 assistance for everyday life and the activities of daily living. Robust is typically for participants who have lots of high impact behaviours requiring a personalised behavioural support plan.

Am I eligible for SDA?

You are eligible if you have an NDIS plan and have SDA payments already in your plan or are currently having an Exploring Housing Options (EHO) report completed. This will often lead to an SDA payment being in the NDIS plan. If you are unsure if an EHO is being conducted speak with your Support Coordinator, Local Area Coordinator (LAC), or NDIS Planner. Cocoon Group Services can assist in this process if required.

What is the difference between SDA and Supported Independent Living (SIL)

There is a big difference between SDA and Supported Independent Living (SIL), although you might need both. SDA is the bricks and mortar. It is funding to help keep the property at the required standard. NDIS recognise disability housing costs more to maintain and build and therefore will fund for this in participants plans. All SDA housing have a SIL provided working with the participant(s). Only one SIL provider can be operating from the house at a time. SIL supports the participant(s) in their everyday life including cooking, cleaning, dressing, showering etc.

Can I bring my own Support Providers?

Super Group Services (SCS) are working with Cocoon Group Services (CGS) to provide SIL in the homes. CGS are requesting participants to utilise this offer as CGS and SCS have a working collaboration to provide the best services to participants which include the best support workers who have the required qualifications and access to further training. SCS support workers will be encouraged to complete training regularly to maintain and upskill to provide the best services to all participants.

What will it cost me?

SDA registration rules state the participant is to pay a Reasonable Rent Contribution which is the same as community housing – 25% of income (DSP or other) + 100% Commonwealth Rent Assistance. This is standard rental rates across South Australia. The SDA payment the participant receives goes straight the SDA providers as the house is the service they are providing. Utilities and costs of utilities will often differ with each SDA provider so the participant or support will need to gain that information